Welcome to Geeky Girl Friday

Welcome to Geeky Girl Friday

This is being written at the time that Twitter might shut down at any moment.

And this, for me, is why I think the skill of being able to build your website (on the cheap) is an important skill to have.

But the reason I can put all this together isn’t JUST website skills – it’s a culmination of a lifetime of following my bliss when it comes to things that interest me. Website design, graphic design, photography, film making, music making, building a business, living a thriving life…

So now I’m stretching my petals and building a web network to contain all these different pieces of what interests me, in hopes that it can help shorten the learning process for you on any given number of topics.

I come from a family of teachers and life long learners, and I think that you SHOULD be, theoretically, allowed to build whatever life you want.

I also understand that systemic injustices get in the way of that – so that’s where GGF comes in.

I think it’s important to have the ability to build out your own media studio, stretch your own petals and shout out from your own voice and visuals – and that’s just one part of what I wanna teach in this hub.

As per usual, Notion.so will be my app of choice when it comes to creating systems of capturing creativity, but this whole thing is an interconnected web of magick meets media meets your unique system needs for a neurosparkly brain.

Stick around, stretch your petals, pull up your Notion account and create an inbox to dump all your creative ideas that are bouncing around your brain, and I’ll see you next post.

Looking to build your ULTIMATE Digital Book of Shadows? Check out the Witchypedia template & course – built on the Notion app (think Lego-meets-Wikipedia.) Includes bonus Notion Nuts & Bolts course.

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